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Mary Poppins

By P. L. Travers

A little trip back to my childhood with this book. I saw the 1964 film starring Julie Andrews at the cinema. I think it might have been the first time my parents took me to the cinema. I loved the film then and still do today.

I had never read the book until now, more than 50 years after first seeing the film. P.L.Travers reputedly disliked aspects of Disney’s interpretation of his character. After reading the book, it is easy to see why.

Mary Poppins character is not quite the sweet natured nanny, as portrayed by Julie Andrews. She is no-nonsense, possibly a bit authoritarian, can be stern and might even be thought a bit vain. Also in the book and not seen in the film, as well as Jane and Michael there are two younger children, John and Barbara. The book contains more stories, then the film.

Lovable nanny or not, Mary Poppins has entranced generations of children and the young at heart. I just discovered some new aspects and re-discoverd the few I knew from the film, of P. L. Travers nanny. The book brought me as much joy today as did the film in my childhood.


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