Diary Of A Wimpy Christian

By Dave Hopwood.

I became aware of Dave Hopwood on one of my early visits to Lee Abbey. He was on the resident staff at the time and had a particular interest in looking at christian aspects of movies.

Dave has written a number of books. This is the first I read. It was chosen for me by a friend, as a Lent (2017) book read.

Although it is a ‘diary’ don’t be deceived by the title. The 50 ‘days’ in the book are more analogous to 50 days of writing, than 50 days of events. This shouldn’t put you off it. And, if you’re not Christian (readers of my main blog will know that I am), don’t let the title put you off either.

It’s not what I would call a religious book, and it is applicable to all sorts of everyday life situations too.

We all struggle with life sometimes. We all struggle with belief too, not just religious belief but all sorts of things. Diary Of A Wimpy Christian seems to me it’s Dave’s honest appraisal of his personal struggle (I hope that’s not too strong a word here) with balancing Christian belief with life in the modern world.

While situations might be different, I can identify with some of the dilemmas faced balancing our faith with the competing, challenging demands of society and the world today.

Dave’s description of events is funny, at times touching and many will identify with some of the dilemmas. Diary Of A Wimpy Christian is an enjoyable read. At times thought provoking and with nuggets of 21st century wisdom.

A line that made me think and gave a little hope, is Dave’s thought for the day on day 37:

“we’re not asked to get good at being a
Christian, we’re just invited to have a go.”




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