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Mr Golightly’s Holiday

By Sally Vickers I have previously reviewed by the same author Miss Garnet’s Angel, which I enjoyed immensely so I had high hopes for Mr Golightly’s Holiday. The curious, I might even say slightly mysterious, character of Mr Golightly arrives in the quiet village of Great Calne, driving a battered and unreliable Morris Traveller, looking for… Continue reading Mr Golightly’s Holiday

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By Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. Written in 1909, Perkins-Gilman envisages a country entirely populated by women, into which three men find their way. The women have lived in their single-sex society for two millennia, having perfected virgin birth. The women live a peaceful, cooperative and ecologically aware existence in a society that venerates motherhood above all else.… Continue reading Herland


The Thread

By Victoria Hislop Once again Victoria has set her story The Thread in Greece, a country for which she seems to have a particular affinity. This was the second of her books I read after her excellent story, The Island. As a child Katarina Sarafoglou, her sister Artemis and their mother Zenia are forced to… Continue reading The Thread