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84 Charing Cross Road + The Duchess Of Bloomsbury Street

by Helene Hanff 84 Charing Cross Road:  is probably Helene’s most well known work, having been made into a successful film starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. As it happens, one of my favourite films. The story is told through the 20 year correspondence between Miss Hanff, in New York, and Marks & Co. antiquarian book… Continue reading 84 Charing Cross Road + The Duchess Of Bloomsbury Street

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By Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. Written in 1909, Perkins-Gilman envisages a country entirely populated by women, into which three men find their way. The women have lived in their single-sex society for two millennia, having perfected virgin birth. The women live a peaceful, cooperative and ecologically aware existence in a society that venerates motherhood above all else.… Continue reading Herland